Quality Sash Windows

Not only can we offer you the most highly accredited and high performance window in todays market, our window also offers practical maintenance solutions. Our windows are all fitted with an intergrated tilt mechanisium to allow both units the ability for easy cleaning from the inside. Also our innoviative sprung cam system allows both units to be removed completely from the surrounding frame, to enable easy and simple ability for redecoration when required.

Using the window system reduces many of the labour elements from the process therefore reducing both the costs and inconvenience for all of our customers.

To enable SPL to stay ahead of todays technology, we also manufacture our window with an external Aluminium clad extrusion fitted. This eliminates the need for redecoration or any external maintenance to the outside of your window. The Aluminium Is an integral part of our window and not just a foil wrap or a clip on system as offered by the rest of the industry

We believe we can offer the complete solution to your sash window problems, providing market leading technology, outstanding service, all backed by our 10/20 year transferable guarrentee.

Our quality and performance cannot be matched in todays market, as we believe a sash window should look its age and not act it.

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